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Read IMHOTEP public deliverables, scientific papers, publications and presentations. 

Public deliverables

D1.2 Final Project Report


​D2.1 IMHOTEP ConOps​

D2.2 Specification of Case Studies​

D4.1 Passenger Terminal Processes Simulation Module​


D5.1 Airport Access and Egress Simulation Module​


D6.1 IMHOTEP Simulation and Decision Support Toolset​


D7.1 Evaluation of the IMHOTEP ConOps and Implementation Guidelines​


D8.2 Integrated Multimodal Airport Operations for Efficient Passenger Flow Management: Lessons Learnt from the IMHOTEP Project and Way Forward 


Scientific papers

Mota, M. M., Scala, P., Herranz, R., Schultz, M., & Jimenez, E. (2020). Creating the future airport passenger experience: IMHOTEP. In European Modelling Simulation Symposium, Athens, Greece.

Schultz, M., Luo, M., Lubig, D., Mota, M. M., & Scala, P. COVID-19 related challenges for new normality in airport terminal operations. In Winter Simulation Conference 2021.

Patrón, R. S. F., Scala, P., Mota, M. M., & Murrieta, A. (2021). Airport passenger flow prediction using simulation data farming and machine learning. In 33rd European Modeling & Simulation Symposium.

Mota, M. M., Scala, P., Schultz, M., Lubig, D., Luo, M., & Perez, E. J. The Rise of the Smart Passenger I: Analysis of impact on Departing Passenger Flow in Airports. In 11th SESAR Innovation Days.