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The IMHOTEP team visits Palma de Mallorca and London City airports

As part of the IMHOTEP project, last November, representatives from Nommon, Cranfield University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences visited Palma de Mallorca and London City airports to contrast preliminary results of simulation models involving the airport’s terminal area.

The visits allowed researchers to sense and experience key areas in the simulations to validate and adapt the models as necessary, or to complement the information previously shared by the airport. It was also possible to contrast and verify processing times and the physical layout of the facilities, as well as to experience first-hand the unique elements that make London City and Palma de Mallorca very interesting airports to study and insightful case studies for the IMHOTEP tools and concepts.

Furthermore, Cranfield welcomed IMHOTEP researchers at DARTeC. A group of Cranfield and HvA researchers took the opportunity to met at Cranfield University to visit the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre and discuss the potential integration of the Passenger Experience Laboratory and the City Boarding Laboratory in the validation process of IMHOTEP tools and the implementation of the case studies at London City and Palma de Mallorca airports.

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