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The IMHOTEP team meets in Barcelona

After almost two years of online meetings, last week representatives from Nommon, Aimsun, ISDEFE, Cranfield University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and TU Dresden met in Barcelona to align the progress made so far on WP6 and WP7 and to define the forthcoming plan of action, which comprises the development of the visualisation and decision support tool and the evaluation of the case studies.

The meeting was conducted in a two-day session. The first day was mainly focused on discussing how to seamlessly integrate the terminal and the access and egress models, and an initial approach for the connection between these models was defined. Additionally, we further detailed the specifications of the case studies by defining a set of use cases and possible management actions from both air and ground transport stakeholders.

During the second day, we continued with the discussion on the case studies’ requirements, and a set of Key Performance Indicators was defined to assess the benefits brought by the inclusion of the ground stakeholders in the CDM process. Then, Nommon presented preliminary mock-ups of the visualisation and decision support tool that will be evaluated in the case studies and very valuable feedback from the rest of the partners was collected.

The meeting concluded with the definition of a set of actions and next steps, which will include the implementation of the model integration methodology proposed during the meeting, and the development of the visualisation and decision support tool.


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