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IMHOTEP workshop at Palma de Mallorca airport

On May 19 and 20, the IMHOTEP consortium organised an internal workshop at the AENA headquarters in Palma de Mallorca aimed at fine-tuning the definition of the case studies and presenting the visualisation and decision support tool developed during the last months. In this regard, representatives from Nommon, Cranfield University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences visited Palma de Mallorca's airport to capture relevant insights from AENA, the Palma de Mallorca airport operator, and EMT Palma, the Palma de Mallorca ground transport operator.

The meeting was conducted in a two-day session. The first day was mainly focused on discussing the most relevant use cases to assess the benefits brought by the inclusion of the ground stakeholders in the CDM process, as well as the specific details for implementing the use cases on the simulation models. To support the discussion, the attendants were divided into groups with the objective of capturing the vision of the different parties involved: the airport operator, the ground transport operator, the modellers, and the aviation experts. In the afternoon, AENA organised a guided tour to the landside and airside of the Palma de Mallorca airport allowing the researchers to experience the main airport procedures and processes, and to collect insights on the airport performance.

During the second day, the main outcomes and conclusions of the first session were summarised and then, a demo session of the first prototype of the visualisation and decision support tool was made. During the demo session relevant feedback from the airport operator, ground transport operator, terminal modelling experts, and academic experts on digital aviation technology was collected. The insights gathered will be deeply analysed and the possibility to include some of the suggestions and recommendations received in further stages of the project prior to the evaluation of the case studies will be studied.


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