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IMHOTEP Maturity Gate Meeting

The IMHOTEP consortium participated in the project’s Maturity Gate meeting to present the work done in the different work packages

On November 11th, 2022, the IMHOTEP consortium participated in the project’s Maturity Gate and final review meeting, celebrated in Brussels, to present to the SESAR JU the main activities performed throughout the development of the project. These activities have been focused on:

  • The definition of a concept of operations for the inclusion of the ground transport stakeholders into the airport collaborative decision-making processes.

  • The development of new data analysis and fusion methods able to provide a comprehensive view of the door-to-gate and gate-to-door passenger trajectory through the coherent integration of a wide range of data sources.

  • The development of a set of predictive models able to short-term forecast the evolution of passengers flows in the access and egress legs and the terminal processes.

  • The development of a decision support tool able to assess the operational impact of different flow management measures on the airport processes and the ground transport system, with the aim of enabling real-time collaborative decision-making between airports and ground transport stakeholders.

  • The validation of the proposed concept and the newly developed methods and tools through a set of case studies conducted in Palma de Mallorca (PMI) and London City (LCY) airports.

During the meeting, representatives from the SESAR JU gave valuable feedback that will be incorporated into the final stages of the IMHOTEP project, and confirmed the achievement of a TRL2 of technology maturity level.


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